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It's easy enough to "photoshop" that out...

Sometimes, when I tell people that I am a photographer, they make a joke about Photoshop.  As in:

"Oh, you must be really good at Photoshopping people!  Can you make me look like Karlie Kloss?"

Well, no.  And no.

I am perfectly adept at Photoshop, yes.  I am exceedingly competent.  But, I don't use Photoshop in a way that you could use the word "Photoshop" as a verb.

Maybe I'm just a curmedgeon like my beloved father,

Not my dad's actual license plate, but this captures his general demeanor.

but I don't like to use Photoshop to change reality.


I know that's pretty rich coming from a digital photographer.  I see so many over-processed images that are beautiful and artistic and amazing but NOT REAL.  And that's art, too!  But I'm a portraitist.  I believe in your smile, in your imperfect and beautiful smile and your teeth that aren't necessarily the color of glaciers and your hair that could use a cut and your shirt that needed a much more vigorous ironing and maybe, just maybe, some nails that could stand a filing.

That's real.  (And dear lord, do I need a haircut right now, so no judgement at all from me.)

Do I use Photoshop to enhance, correct mistakes (meaning *my* mistakes), crop (I seldom crop, honestly--maybe 1/800 pictures), play with contrast, and take care of that spinach you ate right before our session?


Do I use Photoshop to make you anything other than, well, you?  Do I fundamentally alter the surroundings of the shoot, as in pretending we were someplace else or doing something other than we were?


Look, in the way back, photos were just as meticulously manipulated as they are today.  It just took different tools and a whole lot of time in a darkroom.  I'm no purist.  Nor am I naive!  Retouching is not new--it's an old artform.  And highly processed photos can be truly wonderful.  But there is truth to the beauty I see, and I don't like processing to obscure that.  Here's a good example:

At a well-known developer in town, I was chatting with a salesperson about this image.  I talked about how much I love it.  And that well-meaning, smart person said: why don't you take that branch out and make it better?

[cue the crickets]



It's there because it was there.  And it tells me a story.  That little one was more guarded, more reluctant in front of my camera.  We were in a gorgeous field of aspens in a beautiful state park.  When I got too close with my big camera (we've talked about this before), he was stiff, unsure.

But that beautiful puppy and those few grasses and branches between us made that little one relax.  He felt safer, calmer.  It's a metaphor, you see, for the experience he and I shared.  He was free with me, but only when slightly guarded by nature, or by his beloved dog.  And that's the beautiful part of the truth in our moment together.  Not everyone can embrace my camera.  Sometimes, I have to step back and get an imperfect picture, because the only kind of beauty I see has smudges, leaves in between, or even some blurry lines.

And I won't let Photoshop take that away from me, or from you.




Babies Everywhere!

Well, it's a baby and mama time of year around little o photography these days...

I can tell you a lot about photographing babies and mamas--maybe because I'm a mama of 4 myself!

Yes, that's my pregnant belly...two months before I gave birth to twin 7lb sons!

I do have a lot of perspective and insight about photographing mamas, mamas-to-be, and babies.  I know the best angles for bellies, and the best ways to make little ones giggle!  But more than that, when you ask me to photograph your growing family, you can be confident that I know exactly what it's like to:

  • Get 2 hours of sleep a night
  • Hope and pray that your little one doesn't have a total meltdown in front of the camera
  • Get everyone dressed for photos and have someone spit up at the last second
  • Feel nervous about a photo session!

I'm here because I've been where my clients are, and I wanted to find a way to do it better!  I am flexible with my clients because I'm a mama, and I know what it's like.  I am here to help you catch the most precious moments in life--and spit up? That's what photoshop is for :)

--xo, b


Back from Maternity Leave!

I have so many photos to post, so many stories to tell--but for right now, I'll leave you with a shot of my twin boys, born April 23rd.  Now, I'm a mama to four! 

The fall is already mostly booked, so email me ASAP if you would like a relaxing and beautiful fall photoshoot!

-xo, B


Busy season!

I hope you are all having a brilliant fall!

I have been so booked up that I've neglected the blog a bit.  My business has grown 40% over the past year, and this is my busiest-busy-season yet.  Thanks for making that possible!  

I do feel badly for not posting--but I have so much more to tell you, so keep checking back in! Here's a cute puppy picture to make it up to you:

With so many more stories to tell you soon--hope all is well for you and yours. xo-B


Don't be afraid of shadows

Sometimes shadows tell the strongest stories.  It's not always about details--sometimes it's about the outline of something, what delineates it from others, what shows the boundaries of the shape and the self.  The big picture matters, too.

Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels