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This is why we want to help

Do me a big favor: click on this link.  It will take you to the Denver Post.

Did you click?  Thank you.

That picture, of the little girl curled up in the backseat with her stuffed animals and her puppy--that's important.

A few friends and clients have asked me: why a year of free photography?  Why give away $4,000 of your work?

Well, the answer is in that picture.  I have friends who have left their homes and don't know if they will ever return to them.  I have two little ones, who look so much like that little girl, who could have had to crawl into the backseat with their puppy and their stuffed animals and wonder: will my home burn down?

So, it only takes a minute to donate, and it only takes a few hours of my time every month to take some beautiful shots for that contest winner.  And we can help people, help kids like the one in that picture, we can alleviate a bit of suffering and help our neighbors.  Will you donate today?  Because me, and my awesome camera, are here to reward you if you do :)


UPDATED: Colorado is on fire

UPDATE: Since the donations are still rolling in, I want to lengthen the contest to give people more time to donate!  Thanks to everyone who has donated, and let's keep this momentum going!  --BLD


Our beloved home, Colorado, is experiencing a horrific outbreak of wildfires. 

This is what I can do to help:

Giveaway to benefit the Colorado Wildfires

PRIZE: 1 year of free photography

That's right: a year of professional photography.

Up to 12 two hour sessions, at locations of your choosing. It's the biggest prize I could think of!  Imagine all of the amazing photos we'll capture together.


Email me at [hello AT littleophotography DOT com] with the date, amount, and name of the organization you donated to.  I will take you at your word.

Following are a list of eligible organizations.  Please email me if you know of more. 

Every $10 you donate is an entry.  So, if you donate $100, that's 10 entries!

I will accept entries through Sunday, June 30th at 5pm MST and complete the drawing on Monday, July 2nd Monday, July 16th at 9am MST.

Please help the brave emergency workers and the affected families of my beautiful (adopted) home state.  Thank you for helping, and best of luck in the drawing!


Four decades

So amazing.


Getting in the weeds

I'm from the South but living in the mountain West, so sometimes my friends look at me strangely when I toss out a southern saying.  For instance, when life gets tough or messy, I will say, "It's time to get out of the WEEDS!" Meaning that it's time to move on from the little, annoying things, and move on into the big, important stuff.

Oddly enough, in my profession, I am sometimes paid to get directly. into. the. weeds.

Little details, little family quirks, negotiating the when/where/why/how of a larger family portrait--that can feel like getting into the weeds!  I have been surprised at how families open up to me as we plan a session.  "Well, so-and-so doesn't like so-and-so, they can't stand next to each other" or "You'll have to send the email about what time to meet, because my (aunt/cousin/ex-spouse) won't listen to me about being on time!" etc. etc.

Hello weeds!

I don't mind this at all.  Families are all unique yet somehow very alike.  I can confidently say that we all have a quirky uncle that wears socks with sandals.  Just a fact of human existence.  Corollary: that uncle will want to wear socks and sandals to any number of family occasions, so be prepared for those things to show up in many a family photograph.

Many, many of us have ex-spouses and aren't *entirely* sure how to look happy and cheerful when the wounds are still a bit raw (but the kids still want a family portrait!).  Many of us have awkward moments with parents or in-laws, and that can make planning an event or portrait a little weird.


But, good photographers know this.  I know that not everyone in every picture I take is 100% happy and 100% comfortable in the moment I take it.  That would be an impossible standard to live up to!  Every family gets in the weeds a bit, and I can be right down there with you.  The thing that I can do, and have done many many MANY times, is set all of you at ease. 

With some families, to get out of the weeds, I'm going to make a few jokes or pick up on the teasing that some families enjoy.  With others, I'm going to make conversation with the shy niece or butter up the crabby mother-in-law so that when I do snap that photograph, you won't see the little, silly things.

You'll see the big things.  The fact that everyone in that picture was there.  They showed up!  The single most important part of a family photograph is who is *in* it--you came!  You got along!  You got a picture!

You'll see that people love each other.  You'll see that everyone there cared enough, cooperated enough, and smiled enough...with or without me saying "Cheese".

So, when you plan your next family portrait, it's okay to ask me to get into the weeds.  I'm here to help, and I'm here to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy (or, as happy as a hormonal 13 year old or crabby grandpa can be).  We'll get out of the weeds, and find a good picture there--I promise.


Lean into it

When I was about 14, I remember a photoshoot I had with my dance company.  We worked with a pro photographer who was also a former professional ballerina.  She told me something as I sat with perfectly tied pointe shoes, looking 14 and awkward and full of angles and bones--

She said: I never want you to be sitting the the middle of the frame.  I want you to flow into and through the frame.  Lean into it.  Or lean away from it.  Or move through it.  But DON'T sit in the middle of my frame.

Tremendous advice.  Next time you see me and my camera, lean into it :) and I'll never stick you in the middle of my frame!