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30 minutes, 200 photographs, no fuzzy wand

I hear a lot of horror stories as a photographer.  I used to be shocked; now, I almost expect everyone to share a terrible story about THE WORST PHOTOSHOOT EVER as we work together.  I'll share an example with you now.

This is little I, an adorable baby I met this weekend. 

 Such a sweet girl.  I's mama told me about another photoshoot they had attempted at a local photography chain.  She explained: "Little I looked so uncomfortable!  They kept making her cry, kept waving a fuzzy wand in her face--I kept thinking, oh no!  She hates that wand AND what about all of the germs!"  Between the wand and the discomfort, it was traumatizing.  They didn't order a single picture, and felt terribly that little I was so upset.

In stark contrast, I did not have a wand.

I didn't shout, or makes weird faces, or startle her to get her attention.  For many of the shots, she rested in her mama's arms.

What's my secret to 30 relatively easy and happy minutes with a baby--all the while with a big camera around her? 

My secret is simple.  Here's the thing about photographing infants: they are little people.


That means they cannot and should not be expected to just sit still and make only the happiest of smiley faces.  They have expressions.  They have moods.  They might

be calm, they might be happy, they might be intrigued, they might be frustrated...and those feelings can and should be reflected on their sweet faces.  I treat babies as little people.  I wouldn't want a fuzzy, germy wand rubbed in my face to get my attention or force a smile.  No one else--babies included--would want one either.  Ergo, no wand.

So, sometimes little I looked interested, sometimes peaceful, sometimes excited.  She always looked like herself, a beautiful little girl with a loving family.


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The days of going into a stuffy, cheesy photography studio in a department store are so over. You really captured this girl's personality and happiness by photographing her in an environment she is clearly comfortable in. I'm sure the family is over-the-moon to have these. I love how vibrant the photo of her in the pink dress is!

April 30, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermara

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