Hi, I’m Brianna Doby and welcome to my blog. Please take a spin around the blog to find samples of my work, tips on how to make your photography session a success, and some general musings about my craft.

I'm Brianna Doby and I am the founder and owner of little o photography. Thanks for stopping by!

I believe that a photograph can and should reflect who you are in the deepest and most meaningful way.  That's why I strive to capture a family's bond, a parent's love for their child, a timeless friendship, or an entrepreneur's passion--all in a little set of pixels.

I'll tell you very honestly that I'm not a fit for everyone.  I generally work with two types of clients:

The first type of client is one that enjoys taking photographs annually, but doesn't like the boring or lifeless photographs that some big box chains and large studios offer.  From families to high school seniors to savvy entrepreneurs in search of headshots, these clients prefer working with me because I take a more photojournalistic approach, and have long-standing positive relationships with my clients.

The second type of client doesn't always enjoy the photography process.  They may have had a negative experience with a photographer or a cheap portrait studio, or they may have worked with a trendy high-end photographer and felt they were price gouged with hidden fees and left the experience without owning the rights to their photos.  These are clients who want to work with a fresh photographer who is transparent with their fees and assigns rights to the clients without ANY hidden costs involved.

Do one of these sound like you?  If so, email me today to set up your free consultation.  Together, we can capture something special!