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She wasn't entirely sure about me

Today, I have two photoshoots.  The first was with a wonderful family, and their little girl, E, reminded me of something that I *used to* know.

It's hard to earn a smile from a small child.

Sometimes, I walk into photoshoots, shake hands with some new, interesting people, make a bit of small talk, and then I expect to start shooting. I expect everyone to relax, to smile, to let me peek into their lives for a little bit with a big camera.

That's silly.  Especially when there are toddlers involved.  Becuase I get a lot of pictures that are guarded--that look like this:

Why should these people smile for me?  Why should they relax in my presence, feel trusting that I am here, I am doing a good job, and that they will be happy with the outcome?

Well, many of the adults have seen my portfolio.  Many have had a strong recommendation from a friend, so they know that others have been happy with my work.  So those are reasons for adults to be confident, to be relaxed, to smile and let themselves be genuine.

Four year olds have no understanding of strong recommendations and positive reviews.  I know this.

So, what would compel a small child to give me a sunny smile?

I need to slow down for a second.  Be quieter for a second.  Maybe let the child take a picture of me.  Maybe let the child see a picture of themselves.  Maybe I need to hand out a lot--a WHOLE LOT--of stickers.  I need to just stop, wait, and let them warm to me.  Because after I do, I get this:

Happy, open, smiling faces.  I think I won them over.  And thank you, C family, for trusting me and choosing me to photograph your beautiful, smart, interesting family.

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Reader Comments (2)

Beautiful stuff, my friend.

April 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKate L.

Thanks, Kate!

April 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterBrianna Doby

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