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All Creatures Great and Small

Walking through mud is fun (given the right footwear, and my wellies are simply perfect for strutting through the goo).  I had a lovely time shooting my little ones on a field trip with their adorable classmates to a local farm.  We wore wellies, we held hands, and I looked for little moments to steal with my trusty Nikon.

Speaking of the Nikon--sometimes I find that nostalgia is a more powerful lens than I like to admit.  I remember visiting that farm with an old friend who has moved on, moved away, moved past...us.  I took pictures that had a tinge of sweetness and sadness to them, I think.  My mood definitely changes how I shoot, and how I anticipate and frame my shots.  Lenses are fun to play with, but maybe I should start wearing a mood ring--just to see how I'm feeling, as it will change what I see more than the lenses I peer through.

Hope you are all having a sweet Memorial Day.  xo

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