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ophoto of the day 14&15/365

[outtake with a best friend]

[doing business in colorado]


ophoto of the day 13/365




o photo of the day (7/365)

(birthday breakfast)


O photo of the day (4/365)

[lovely siblings--see more of this shoot on my portfolio page]


Light in August*

When I'm taking pictures, I don't think.  I really try VERY VERY HARD not to think.  A little part of my brain is working on technical aspects (white balance, aperture, shutter speed etc. etc.) but the rest is quiet.  I don't want to be so terribly analytical.  I want to be emotive.  I want to feel something, and then show it to you.  That's when I press the shutter release.



Confession: this shot doesn't have a traditional subject.  But I really wanted you to see and feel the light and the warmth and the glow (and I'm not talking just about the sunshine).  That's why I turn off my brain, take a breath, and then--



*this is actually light in September, but I love Faulkner and the story of Joe Christmas, so...